Friday, November 13, 2009

From Halloween to Harvest

We were on vacation last week, so I've been a little slow at switching out our holiday decor.
I love the way the top of the piano turned out. At first I thought there might be too much going on now I think it looks plentiful and makes me feel blessed.
I like reusing a lot of my Halloween stuff for Thanksgiving. I've stuck with a lot of traditional orange stuff for Halloween even though the trend has been towards black and white, etc. I pays off when I get to use it for two holidays.

Did you see how I reused these two pieces above.
the mantel

I LOVE this sign, I think it is one of my favorite holiday decorations. I'm sure someone could make it, but I think it was worth every penny.
I had some extra leaves from my wreath. I tied them to some hurricane lamps in the window.



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