Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shower Curtain Solution

When we moved into our home a year ago I wanted a long full shower curtain. There is a lot of wood in our bathroom, even the window has wood shutters. I needed something to soften the room. I had to make my own curtains to get the look I wanted.
I basically made a pinch pleated curtain. I made 12 pleats (the standard amount of curtain rings in a pack) It wasn't until I made the curtain that I realized I didn't know how to hang it. I usually hang this type of curtain with clips, but they wouldn't work with my rod. The next option was to put button holes next to the pleats. I decided that would be to weird.
Then I came across these babies. They're plastic rings used for roman shades.
I sewed them into place behind each of the pleats.

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Sarah said...

Hi, I just came over after seeing your cornucopia at Today's Creative Blog. I gotta be honest, I LOVE all your super crafty ideas!!! God's blessings, Sarah :D

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a clever solution! That worked out great!

Unknown said...

Hey! Wonderful ideas. I found your blog through Today's Creative Blog and love all your ideas. I always WANT to be creative, but never have time, so I'm wondering how the heck do you have time!

Can't wait to see more and be inspired!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely shower curtain! The pinch pleats are a really special touch.


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