Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homemade gifts part 2

My Family started giving homemade gifts years ago when I was just in Junior High. It has become my favorite tradition. People are always amazed that we still give to each person in our family, we don't draw names. I have five siblings, three of which are married, so I usually make 12 gifts. Sometimes I'll make stuff for nieces and nephews as well. I love it.
The part that I love the most is the anticipation of waiting for everyone to open the gifts you've spent hours slaving over. When I was younger I wouldn't be able to sleep Christmas Eve. I was too excited about the gifts I was giving not receiving. We have had a lot of teary Christmases over the years. There is just so much love that goes into each gift.

Sometimes we don't finish gift or even give gifts that's okay. No one has been banished from the family. We only do what we want to. If all you have time for is a nice letter, that's fine. Sometimes a letter is cherished more than anything else.

So, onto the presents here are a few of the things that were given this year.

My sister in-law put together kits to help us force bulbs in the Spring.

My older sister made me a book of homemade cards and envelopes.

She also made all the boys quilts. Each was made with their favorite team's logo.

My little brother silk screened PaPa Jerry Pancake shirts for everyone. My dad aka PaPa Jerry is famous for his pancakes.

My little sister made every family their own Guess Who Game featuring all our family. My kids are loving this one.

She laminated everything so it can be used for many years.

For another example you can look at this one from Obseussed.

My youngest brother gave us all this...He's planning on putting all our home videos on DVD.

My dad gave everyone a leather journal for our most special thoughts. He had pieces of metal engraved with our initials then attached them to the front.

My dad started this last gift ten years ago and just finished it this year. It's a personalized game of Acquire, one of our families all time favorite board games. The money bears family faces and all the properties are named after properties in his life.


Kelly said...

I think it's great that you guys all make homemade gifts! It's a wonderful way to put personal touches on all of your gifts. Thanks for sharing some of them! I especially love the personalized Guess Who? and Acquire games!

Michelle said...

WOW! I can't believe how amazing and creative everyone is! Especially with the games. I seriously think you guys are the worst and the best family ever to play games with. Too much fun!

Tracy said...

Wow! What incredible and creative ideas, and what heartfelt gifts! I'm tucking several of these ideas away to use myself. Thank you for sharing! = )

Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Wow such creativity in your family!! Love the personalized game you dad made! Looking at some of you other entries and the little thanksgiving skirts are just precious too!


deborah said...

what a fabulous idea. I am going to ponder how to implement this at our house this year! Love the variety of gifts they all made & gave.Thanks for a great post. Deborah

Amy @ Design-Aholic said...

How cool! I would love to see all the great things you guys could come up with. It's really neat that everyone in the family too can be creative enough to come up with a handmade gift. How special!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

This post is amazing. You just don't hear of home crafted gifts any longer. Kudos to your wonderfully creative family! I'm so adoring those quilts the guys have!

Thanks for linking up to SNS to share it. :)

FJ Donna

Anonymous said...

I would love for our family to do this, but I am probably the only one that would like it.

You guys did a great job.

I have an Apron giveaway on my blog. Check it out.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow! I'm really touched by what your family does ~ from the gifts to the notes. This is just lovely, and you have a very talented and creative family to come up with these things.

Elisa said...

Wow. You are so blessed!! I have always wanted to force bulbs but haven't done it yet. You'll have to take pictures and keep us updated.

Anne @ Floralshowers Creative Craft Blog said...

I have never heard of the game aquire? I will have to look into that. And as for the personalized family guess who game. I have wanted to make one of those for years. That was always my favorite game as a kid. Wow, how fun!!!

Sarah said...

Wow Kalleen! Your family is SO creative! My favorite is the Guess Who game! Amazing!
-Sarah from Create Studio

Nicole said...

i love all of these!!! I also have to say that it's typical Toby :)

Heather said...

I love the handmade gifts and games. So creative. I made a sewn version of Bananagrams game for my niece this year. 144 embroidered letter tiles does not compare to her Nintendo DS, but the thought and love surpasses it, at least i hope it's not lost on a 6 year old.

Heather said...

Awesome ideas! You have a very Creative family! Homemade gifts is the way it should be!

Wendy said...

Oh, Wow! Talk about inspiring!
Your whole family takes it to a whole new level...well, except that brother of yours. ;) Sounds like something I might do. heh.

Thanks for so many awesome ideas all in one post. You guys are amazing.

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

What a creative family. We decided to Craft Christmas this year too so I'm loving these ideas. I did the Guess Who game a few years ago for my sister too. I posted on it back in the summer. Now that I see yours I'm linking to it in my post. I get most my google traffic looking for "Personalized Guess Who" You should add that tag. See it here: http://www.obseussed.com/2010/08/personalized-guess-who-game-family.html

Minnesota Mommy said...

I LOVE the Acquire game! It's one of our family favorites as well! Awesome!

Unknown said...

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Lyndsay said...

As a fellow blogger, just wanted to mention that another site has used your image, but not bothered to mention you or your site, just provides a link.

Unknown said...

That's a great post, I especially like the family Guess Who! I saw a really cool version of it on Fancy Features' website



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