Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little girl aprons and oven mitt

I made little aprons for a couple of my nieces. I used my daughter as a model to make sure they were the right size. Of course she wanted one too. So here are some aprons I've made my girls. The best part is I was able to make them right in front of my girls since they thought they were the ones for there cousins.

I made this little oven mitt to go with it.
I made it using this oven mitt from the dollar store.
All I did was unstitch it, and cute it down a bit. Then I took off the Christmas fabric and used it as a template for the new fabric. After cutting the new fabric to size, I sewed the fabric to the batting using swirly stitches. Then I sewed the two sides back together again and hemmed it. I added a ruffle to match the apron by sewing a long strip and gathering it.

I also made a little apron using ribbon for her doll.
I'm hoping this doesn't lead to more time in the kitchen together.


Kalleen at Second Street said...
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Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

This is Great! The aprons are so adorable. What a great idea for the mitt too! I am sure the doll apron will be a hit!

Ann said...

Oh my goodness those are soooo adorable!!! What a great idea to transform the mitt--Thanx for sharing

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

way too cute! i love them!

Syndi said...

Very creative and very cute! Makes me wish I had a girl.


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