Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celebrating 70!

This last weekend we celebrated my mother-in-laws 70th birthday by throwing her an open house. I experienced a lot of stress last week, but it all paid off when over 150 people came through our house to wish her a happy birthday.
My sister and I did all the food. We did a variety of simple yet elegant finger foods.

I searched for a fun but classy way to decorate for a 70th birthday. I didn't have much luck. In the end I came up with these banners which I hung in a few places. I think they have the vintage party feel I wanted without being childish. I'll show you how I did them later this week.

Of course we had to have lots of pictures up. I took down all of our own pictures and covered the walls with hers. Some were framed and others just matted with black poster board. I used cloth picture hangers upside down to hang pictures on our window shades and adhesive putty for everything I hung on the walls.

I'm lucky enough to have a mother who can do flowers when I need them. She did this great arrangement for the food table.
It was a great day. I hope I have as great friends and family to celebrate with when I'm 70.

Sorry for the low quality pictures, the lighting wasn't great and I was busy being hostess.


Marcia said...

Mom said she and Jen went :) -- Sounded very nice. HBT your MIL. I've always enjoyed her.

Line said...

Congratulations! I know this is a lot of work, as I sometimes have to do the same for my Sweetheart' s exhibitions.
Would you have a list of the finger food items you made? I'm in desperate search of that sort of things, and I'd be delighted to try them for Valentine' s Day.
Thanks for sharing

Kelly said...

What a lovely idea and I'm sure it was a blessing to your MIL. The pics and banners were a great idea and the food looks simple, yet elegant. Happy Birthday to your MIL!

Patricia said...

How beautiful!
I love the pic idea and the banner and the centerpiece... ah who am I kidding I wish I was there to celebrate too!!

Prior said...

What a perfect celebration. I know you worked hard and it shows with the details, the food, banner, pictures, and flowers. I also like how you raised the food up. ~Lezlee

Andy's Appetite said...

Sorry it was so stressful, but it turned out wonderfully! I love the banners and the pictures, your mom did an amazing job with the flowers!


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