Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Candy Easter Bunnies

Did easter sneak up on anyone else? I've been so busy, I didn't realize it was this weekend. I'm hoping I'll have time to do some things with the kids before it gets here.

For now I thought I would share these candy bunnies we made last year. I made them from memory. My grandma made one for me as a kid. She used baby food jars. I didn't have any last year, but have tons this year. I think they would work with any small container.
The ears are made out of those pipe cleaners that are skinny then fat, and skinny again. Am I making any sense? My kids gave them away to some of their friends. You know how I feel about keeping the kids crafts around.


Marcia said...

good idea. cute kids. :)


very good idea

Hammerschmidt said...

Cute idea amd I love the picture of your cute bunnies!

Jackie said...

I really love those!! Super cute!

Momma B said...

Kalleen, soooo, soooo cute!

Joseph said...

I didn't know you made these last year. I got so nostalgic just looking at those bunnies. I imagined my knarly bunny that I kept for years eventhough it was falling apart and remembered the smell of the jellybeans inside. I want to make these.


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