Friday, March 5, 2010

You know your too busy when...

You think it is a waste of time to shower.

I don't want to go into details, let's just say my week has been crazy busy. I haven't had time to do anything normal. I'm leaving tomorrow for a week long vacation. I can't tell you how bad I need this and how excited I am. We are going almost kid free. All but the baby are staying home with a sitter.

Since I'll be gone for a week I had to make two projects for SYTYC this week, just incase I get through again next week. It was hard but I just finished them both this morning.

Speaking of SYTYC, I didn't get a chance to post on monday to tell you all to go vote. If you haven't yet you can still vote HERE today. A big Thanks to anyone who voted for my flower child dress. Isn't my model cute. I'll be posting how I did it, when I get back.

My shower last weekend went really well. I made this banner to go with the invites HERE.

I'm off to pack everyone and finish writing a manual for my kids. This picture is a little clue for were we are headed.


Lynn Kellan said...

Can I come too?

Charity said...

I hope your well deserved vacation is restful. I am soo jealous. Enjoy every min. and take a notebook to write down all the cool stuff that you think of while you are gone.

Cha Cha

Sarah said...

Have a total blast next week! I guess showering won't matter as much since you'll get to swim in that beautiful water! Can't wait to see what you've crafted Kalleen!
-Sarah from Create Studio

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Hope you have a great time!

Sarah Jackman said...

Have fun! We'll have you over for dinner when you get back.

Jamie said...

Hope you had a fun vacation. I really want to know about that dress! Sew Cute! Did you use a pattern? If so I want to try it!


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