Monday, April 5, 2010

So you Think You're Crafty- Final Week

This week is the final week on SYTYC. It's been a crazy ten weeks. I promised my husband I would get voted out in the first few weeks. So, Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me and all of your kind comments. I've been competing with some talented crafters.
It's just me and Shannon left and she has an amazing project up for the finale. Good job Shannon. She will probably win, and I'm totally okay with that. I've gotten way further than I wanted to and had fun doing it. The competition has pushed me and my creativity, been an outlet, and fostered new friendships.

Head on over a vote for your Favorite project this week HERE.


Anonymous said...

Your party is amazing!!! It looks like it was so much fun to be too!!! I've had a blast competing with you!!! I hope to do more with you soon!!! We should do a exchange every month or something!!!

Angie Holden said...

You did an awesome job!!! I love that I found your blog through SYTYC!! :)

Charity said...

See =, the whole blog world know what I know, you are the best. I hope you can rest a tad bit now, but then get busy inspiring me more.

Cha Cha

DecoMOD Studio said...

You did a great job! Didn't you win 7 of 9 weeks? I think that should declare you the winnder. I auditioned for this season and am looking forward to it. I also told my hubby I would get voted out in the first few weeks! We'll see. So fun!

Unknown said...

YOu did awesome! I was inspired by all your projects! Congrads on your success!

Nishant said...

. I hope you can rest a tad bit now, but then get busy inspiring me more.

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Anonymous said...

You totally DESERVED to win the SYTYC competition. I mean you won week after week after week. The person who won only won ONE week - and that was the finale - right? She just got lucky and never got voted off. I know you probably aren't bitter, or ticked, or frustrated, or feel cheated but I am and I DO!! You deserved that title, hands down, no questions asked. You are so super duper crafty and I'm so proud of you. You are awesome and I am going to make one of everything you submitted just to honor you. Thank you for sharing your story about the dinosaur luggage. I LOVE the ones your parents did - AWESOME!


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