Sunday, May 30, 2010

some tips and tricks

I've made a few more hats since I did my original post and thought I would share a couple tips.

First, if you make your hat a little too big or if you want to make it a little roomier by making it bigger in the top but still tight at the bottom, here is a little trick.

I pinched off the excess in equal amounts on both sides of the back seam and sewed it down.

Second, I am loving adding these cute knit flowers to the hats.
They are super fast and easy.
First I cut 8 to 10 pedals. Then I grouped them in two's, and overlapped them.
then I ran a needle through the bottom
and pulled it to the end of the thread. I continued doing this till all the peddles were threaded.
The last thing was sewing a stitch into the first peddle to connect them. Pull your string tight and that's it.
I also like adding a button to the middle.
I especially like how the tips will curl.

I've loved hearing about some of the hats you've been making.

Eleanor from Zarinaia made her cute hat with a different fabric than knit. I was glad to here that could be done.
Melanie made her's using a knit skirt.
This last one was made by More that "Just Mom"


Tami said...

I think you should make me some of these seeing as you haven't made me enough stuff lately. You're girls look fab in their hats.

Jen said...

Lovin' these hats.... and the girly cake is so cute! My daughter would have loved that when she was younger...or now if there was cash hanging out the top I guess! ha!

Pauline Wiles said...

That second photo is cute enough to win a contest, I'm sure! Fab hat and beautiful model :)

Julia Gri ( ulisa) said...

Какая очаровательная у вас семья!Изумительная идея! Огромное спасибо! think you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Deidre said...

Kalleen... I love these!!! They are so creative and adorable!


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