Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally something for Ellie

One of my friends had a baby at the beginning of summer. I promised to paint something for her before the baby got here. Of course that didn't happen. I finally finished it a couple days ago. I hope they like it, I know I do.
I especially like the "E"
And the girly scallops.
It's been a rough week playing nurse to my girls. It's been as exhausting as caring for a newborn baby. Thanks for all your kind thoughts, advice and prayers.


Lessons Learned said...

what a pretty painting.

oh goodness i hope they are starting to turn the corner and feel better. it took me 2 weeks, but i am older, so i really do hope it is easier on kids, like they say. do they still make those paint by number books or anything? even my mom would come lay and watch movies with me! i'm such a kid at heart.

Amanda said...

This painting is adorable! I love it! And I certainly hope your girls feel better- playing nurse is exhausting!

Tai Bender said...

How super cute!

Wanted to quickly let you know I LOVE reading your blog and have recently started my own creative blog. I linked to you here:

Delia said...

You have got a steady hand and a creative eye. Nice job.

TLF said...

I love this!!

Unknown said...

I'm a new follower- your blog is great! I look forward to seeing more! I would love for you to follow back at

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for joining our blog hop over at Sassy Sites! There are some amazing blogs out there, and you are definitely one of them! I'm a follower of yours too! Happy Friday! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

Sewanonymous and So Much More said...

I've never before seen my name look quite this lovely ! You're so, so talented!


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