Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrating Halloween

We've been doing some fun things for Halloween.  
First we've made some of these monster eyeballs.  The idea came from Bee in our Bonnet. They made theirs with Costco cream puffs, I made mine with cake balls. They were so yummy. We've given some to friends,

and used them on a cake for school. My daughter and I made this beast together for the schools cake decorating contest.  She is the one who insisted we add the red veins. 

This is my sons cake.  We make a variation of this spider cake every year. This was the first year we've used fondant and circus peanuts for feet.  It usually looks more harry and chocolaty.  

We use this pan for the body and a cupcake for the head. 

He was very proud.  Check out that apron.  He really wanted to wear an apron and didn't mind all the frills. I had a hard time not laughing every time I looked at him. Working one on one with the kids to make cakes for their carnival, has become one of my favorite traditions.  

Last week I did a display of body parts at our church party. It's become a fun tradition as well. I've had to mix things up to keep the kids on their toes. 

I did it in a dark room with a strobe light. I like the effect of old dishes covered in black cloth.  I would hold the cloth so it wouldn't fall as people reached their hands in.

Here is what we've used:
Teeth- corn kernels or almonds. 
Bones- carrots peeled to be smooth, but I also liked the idea of using wet pretzel sticks. 
Skin- tortillas
Guts- pasta or pumpkin guts
Tongue- banana peel
Brain- steamed cauliflower
Heart - tomato
Eyes- peeled grapes

My favorite was the tongue.  Everyone freaked out when they touched it. Do you have any ideas for next year?

For years we've eaten chili and mummy hot dogs on Halloween before trick or treating.  Last year I made a Meatloaf Monster hands.  I only have pictures of them before they went into the oven.  I can't remember where I got this idea and I can't find it. If anyone knows I would love to give credit. 

Since Halloween is on Sunday this year and they were such a hit last year we doing it again. I like to serve them with a mashed potato and yam mixture.  The orange potatoes look cool and are super yummy. You could also use sweet potato fries. 

What are you doing for Halloween?


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see your post on the spooky touchy-feely objects! When I was younger my mom did this sort of thing for a Halloween party we had with several of my friends. I know you are using spaghetti as guts, but we used it as hair one year also. I think the rest of your list was about the same as ours; I distinctly remember doing the peeled grapes for eyeballs. Hope you all have a wonderful time! Thanks for the trip down memory lane for me!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

LOVING the cakes!

Homemade Heather said...

Wow! What fun! I love the cakes too! Thanks for sharing!

Teresa said...

Love these! Especially the spider cake. Reposted on my blog at Thanks!


Jennifer said...

I made the meat hand last night and it was a huge hit! It was originally posted by Not Martha

Tami said...

We're making the meatloaf hands for dinner tomorrow. It will be fun!

Kathryn said...

Cute ideas! Your daughter is a genius as the red viens really do make the monster eyes. I also love the idea of banana for the "tongue" for the body part - never would have thought of that.

Miss having a little one to make fun thing like this for. For a party my son went to when he was a Frankenstein "body" was crafted from junk items and the kids would stick their hands in the area of the body through an opening to feel the parts. Cooked spaghetti was used for the intestines, jello for the liver, and the rest similar to what you used. It was fun to watch the kids dare each other to touch the different items through the openings.

Also the kids used toilet paper to wrap each other up like mummys - not the most enviro friendly but the kids had fun and the paper was used in the cleanup.

For Halloween I am looking forward to giving out candy and seeing all of the cute costumes the kids in the neighborhood have come up with.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

oooh! So awesomely creepy! the banana peel as the tongue---eewww! love it! the monster hand meatloaf is awesome. I can't wait til my kids are older and get that stuff. :D

Sue said...

I love the cakes! The green is a great color with the eyeballs, and the spider is adorable! Your son reminds me of my own at that age:) Time flies!


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