Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iridescent fairy wings

I'm still working on our Halloween costumes, but I wanted to share these wings with you now. Just in chase I'm no the only one making wings this week. 
I know you can buy wings for pretty cheap these days, but I'm picky and I wanted something more realistic. Something more Tinker-bell like and not so much butterfly. This is what I came up with. 

In darker light they appear clear and in the sunlight they sparkle. 

They're dramatic and fancy, yet sturdy and cheap to make. 

That you need to make them:
- Solid Galvanized Wire
-pliers or similar tool
- electrical tape or duck tape
- glue gun and glue sticks
- transparent gift wrap
-optional glitter paint
-paint brush
-elastic band ( you can use 1/2" or 1") length varies

I bought my wire at Walmart. I got the roll for $3.50. I was able to make three sets of wings and have a ton left over. You could use a wire hanger, but for this price why mess with that. 

making the wing frames:
Start by cutting four pieces of wire. Two pieces of the same length for your top wings and two of the same length for the bottom wings. The longer the wire is the bigger the wing it will make. 
Next cross over the ends of the wire and twist them.  You may need pliers to help. 

After twisting the ends, form the wire into a shape you like. I would have a clear image of the shape you want in front of you before you start. I googled fairy wings and found a few shapes I really liked.  

after shaping the wire wrap the twisted ends together with tape. 

Then wrap the top and the bottom pieces together with tape. It should feel sturdy when you are done.

Time to cover them in gift wrap. I bought mine at the dollar store and had enough in one roll to cover all three sets of wings. 

Cut a piece of the wrap just larger than one wing. 

The wrap is attached to the wing with hot glue. Run a small bead of hot glue all the way around one side of the wing. Then lay it on the cut piece of wrap. Trim the edges and repeat on the other side of the same wing. Then repeat the same process on all four wings. 

When I was finished I painted on some silver glitter paint. I tried to use strokes that simulated fair wings. You can skip the paint, I like the clear iridescent look as well. 

Next, I wrapped the center in ribbon.

I measured a strip of elastic to wrap around the shoulders and glued it to the center. 

Then I reinforced with another wrapping of ribbon and glue. 

That's it, they are ready to wear. 

I only had to buy the wire wrap and paint.  I paid $6 for three sets of wings.

You'll have to come back in a few days to see the rest of the fairy costume. 


Charity said...

She is ready to fly around and gather candy. What a great idea, I would have never come up with this idea, I used panty hose once but they were a failure. Leave it to you to come up with the greatest idea. I can't wait to see the rest of her costume. Hope you are having a great week.

Cha Cha

Kari Sweeten said...

These are the cutest fairy wings ever! I'll be linking!

chris said...

We are definitely on the same wavelength...I just made two sets of wings myself. I think yours turned out better!

Cristie said...

Very sweet!

Delia said...

THese are way better than store bought! Nice job!

Janet said...

My daughter would love these! She was thinking about being the tooth fairy for Halloween. Your tutorial may just come in handy, thanks!

Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

These are adorable!

Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

These are adorable!

Rileigh said...

I just found your blog and I have to tell you that everything you make is AMAZING! I love it and am totally inspired. Thank you for all of your ideas and tutorials.

Valerie said...

You are totally saving me here! My daughter wants to be a bat for Halloween and I didn't know how I was going to do the wings!

I have filed this at Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...


Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

I love these! I can't wait to see the rest of the costume! :)

Amie @

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

those wings are great! very Tink!

MusicalMommy said...

Nicely done. I am going to post my fairy wing tutoral this week but will link to yours because I used the old fashioned nylon approach to cover mine. This is way cool.

Kelly said...

I just made these tonight following your directions and they were so easy to make and are very stunning. Thank you so much my daughter is going to love her fairy wings

BeingBrook said...

SO SO cute! I'm going to try these and see if I can get my little gal to wear them for halloween with her tutu. Love!

One Life Many Journeys said...

So sweet Great job

Jami said...

So pretty! I can't wait to see the rest of the costume! And I agree, I prefer these to "butterfly" wings. :)

Lindsayb-mo said...

WOW! What an amazing idea! TOO cute! I found your blog on Redberry Barn and I LOVE it. I'm your newest follower.
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Boman party of 5

Unknown said...

those are so cute! i featured you tonight :)

malia said...

Really pretty and what a fabulously original idea! thanks for sharing at a crafty soiree... hope to see you back tomorrow.

Sassy Sites! said...

I featured your adorable homemade costume over at Sassy Sites today! Come by and check it out! Don't forget to grab a featured button while you are there... xoxo!!

Lindsay said...

Didn't work :/


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