Sunday, October 17, 2010

on my mind

The minute it starts to feel like fall I start to crave pumpkin.  Growing up, pumpkin pie was my favorite dessert. I'm writing this post in hopes that maybe I can get the following recipes out of my head.  Seriously, they are haunting me. 

Check out these Pumpkin Muffins with cream cheese frosting from Bee in our Bonnet. They make my mouth water. 

The pumpkin pie lover in me wants to try these Cinnamon Toasted Pumpkin Pie Tarts from Picky Palate. Waring- don't visit her site while hungry.

I've had pumpkin pancakes before, but I saw these Pumpkin Spice Pancakes and Buttermilk Syrup at That's So Cuegly a year ago and haven't stopped thinking about them yet.  I have to try this buttermilk syrup.  Why can't I ever remember to buy buttermilk? 

Do you have a favorite Pumpkin recipe? Please share. 

This week Jess at Craftiness is not Optional is teaching everyone how to make her Sadie Shirt. None of my girls need another shirt, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn how to make this cute shirt. Visit her blog for a list of supplies and a free sewing lesson.  

sadie shirt button


Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

yummy pumpkin goodness! Can't wait to see what everyone makes! I am soo excited!!

Unknown said...

Oh my! I am so with you on the pumpkin obsession! It's a little out of control for me! There is a pumpkin frozen yogurt at a shop nearby. I think about at least 10 times a day! Best yogurt ever! Anyway, I made pumpkin pancakes this weekend. I used a highly rated recipe on My whole family liked them! I really enjoyed them too. Next time, I'll have to try this recipe you've linked to. Thanks for the shout-out. I'll be thinking of you every pumpkin treat I eat!

Charity said...

Okay, so I am reading this at 6:30 in the morning. Do you know what I am craving NOW, YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!! I love pumpkin anything, so I will be trying some of these recipes. I have missed you, I think we are back in town for awhile now so I can stay caught up with my favorite places to stalk. Hope all has been well, show us the shirt when you are finished, I love to sew but never seem to do clothes, so inspire me. Oh, you have inspired me to do a Minnie Mouse birthday party for my little one, she and I sat the other night drooling over your daughters party. Do you have any words of wisdom to share, such as favorites or I wish I would haves? Can't wait it is not til March you can never start to soon. Right?

Cha Cha

Erin said...

i LOVE pumpkin too and have posted a few of my favorites on my blog.

a tip for you: buy buttermilk powder (in the baking aisle). it is low-fat and lasts much longer than regular buttermilk- i always keep a tub in my fridge. i have used it in buttermilk syrup (and countless other recipes) and it turns out great every time.

Angie said...

Another tip for buttermilk: **You can substitute 'soured milk' for anything that calls for buttermilk in a recipe. You 'sour' it by measuring out the amount you need, but leaving it just shy of the total amount, (I do 1 tablespoon per cup) and then adding lemon juice to bring it back to the full measurement. Let it sit for a few minutes, and you have your fake buttermilk. I've never been able to tell the difference when I sub it for buttermilk - and we make the syrup all the time!

The Linders said...

I love pumpkin, too! You must try these - they are a FAVORITE at our house (and anyone that we share them with, come to think of it!)

Unknown said...

This is our favorite pumpkin dessert:

I call it Pumpkin Pie in a Cake. All the delicious flavors of pumpkin pie rolled up in a yummy, soft, moist, warm, cake. Mmmm....


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