Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Dresses

First let me just say, I didn't make these two dresses. 

I love getting my girls matching Christmas dresses and fell in love with these, but I couldn't find one for the youngest. 

So, I made one.  The fabric isn't a perfect match and I did the sleeves a little different, so I could use a pattern from another dress I made her. But, I think they all work together. 

I love the bow.

And the back.

Since I had extra fabric and green thread on the serger, I figured I better make one for Samantha too. Hers is more like the original.  

Samantha was the best model.  She didn't cry once while I tried to take pictures. I might stick to making her stuff.

It was worth the wasted time when I saw my daughters reaction to the surprise. 


chris said...

All your girls look lovely! Well done on the dresses. My next project after Christmas is to start making clothes for my girls' dolls. I know they'll love them, too.

nest full of eggs said...

gorgeous dress you sewed Samantha !

ringmaster said...

what a great mom!! how sweet!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

oh my! how adorable! All of them! and it's never wasted time when you get a big smile, right? nice job Kalleen!

famr_4evr said...

Turned out cute! The doll dress is great! I love matching dresses for the girls, too. I'm sad that the older didn't want to wear her shirt (they were skirts) and the younger 2 shirts are too small already. Maybe should just do dresses next year. These are so cute!

Jess said...

*Phew*! Thank goodness Samantha didn't feel left out of the picture! Everyone looks adorable in their dresses! :)

Tiggeriffic said...

I made clothes for my grandaughter's American doll. Oh she just loved them all.
You are so good at sewing dresses.. They look so wonderful.
ta ta for now from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Love the did great!

Michelle said...

Wow, Your girls are gorgeous and you did a great job on the dresses. Love the dress for Samantha, 2 cute!

Tami said...

cute, cute, cute. I love how you did the sleeves/neckline on Samantha's dress. The bow is super cute on clair. I need to go sew some more before I see you!


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