Wednesday, February 9, 2011

berry trifle

My husband and I have managed to go out to dinner every year on Valentines for the last 9 years we've been married.  It's always a fabulous meal and we order every course, something we don't usually do. My favorite part of the meal is ordering dessert. One year, we were stuffed and decided we better share a dessert.  I told him to pick, thinking he would obviously pick the chocolate cake, creme brulee or cheese cake.  You know, something good that we don't eat often. No, instead he picked strawberries and whipped cream. I wanted to kill him. We had strawberries and whipped cream at home in our fridge. I was to embarrassed to stop the waiter. I wish I could say I was a good sport about the whole thing.  Instead I complained all night.  My husband will never pick dessert again, even if I promise not to complain. We both learned a lesson that night. 

If only those strawberries and whipped cream had some french vanilla pudding and cake layered in with it, I wouldn't have had anything to complain about. 

I love these trifles because it's all store bought stuff just layered together. The longer it sits and melds together the better it tastes.  A traditional trifle is made in a big bowl and everyone takes a scoop, but they are so cute in individual servings. 

First I made cupcakes without the paper wrappings (only one cupcake is needed per serving, you can bake the rest up normal and give them to the kids). I cut the cupcakes in half and placed one half in the bottom of a cup.  

Then I added a scoop of french vanilla pudding. I use Jello brand. 

Next came the berries. I prefer raspberries and strawberries, but they only had blackberries when I went to the store. 

After a dollop of whipped cream - I repeated all the layers again. 

*If you don't want to make cupcakes you make this even simpler by buying pound-cake. 

I hope I've temped someone into making their sweetheart something yummy this week. 


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Tiggeriffic said...

This looks so delicious.. Yum Yum~!
Good Job~!
pictures are great too..
have a great day.ta ta for now:)


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