Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tie One On Me Day 3: apron tutorial round-up

Welcome to day 3 of apron inspiration.

Just in case Jess and I haven't given you the tutorial of your dreams, we've each put together a Apron Tutorial Round-Up. 

Click on the links below the pictures for the tutorials.

I love almost everything about this apron, it's fully lined and has the cutest giant pocket. 

I love the bow at the neck of this one. 

Although this would be too pretty for me to ever wear as an apron, I love the nautical theme of this one. 

Ruffles, need I say more.

Another simple and stylish half apron.

I love the high thick waistband on this one.

I love the size of this one and that it's a refashion. 

Click HERE to see what Jess has rounded up.


Brittany said...

I think that Sail Away apron could be transformed into a super cute dress! Hmm.. now you've got me thinking.

And a friend just told me her old trusty apron is falling apart and wondered if I could make her a new one! :o) So glad you are doing this series!


Carolyne said...

These are all fantastic, but the aprons with ruffles really get to me. Love them!


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