Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blessing shorts

I was asked to make a pair of shorts for my nephew's baby blessing last weekend. 

They have a modern lederhosen look.  

the front:
I made my own pattern from a pair of his shorts and simply added straps. 

I love the little pop of color from the blue rimmed buttons.

the back:
I added a bit of elastic to the center of the back. 

I was so excited to finally use one of my special stitches for something. 

my sister added to the outfit making a cute pair of shoes to match. 

Aren't I lucky, I get to see this cute face almost everyday since he is also my neighbor. 


Erin said...

where were you when i blessed my boys? I love the modern lederhosen look! I abhor traditional boys' blessing outfits. Poofy satin jumper? no thanks!
Is it weird that I am jealous of your nephew? I want to be your neighbor!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, those are the cutest little shorts that I ever did see!

Jessica said...

oh wow. These are amazing. If I ever have a boy again and bless him in the summer, this will be my inspiration. Love everything about it.

Nicole said...

These are so cute!!!! I need to make something like this for my little man. Do you have a pattern you used? :-D


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