Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to school on a budget

I pride myself on being pretty thrifty. I'm probably more excited when someone says they like something I bought for super cheap, than if they say they like something I made. 
School starts next week for us and in the name of tradition we've been doing some back-to-school shopping. With four school age kids, it can be very costly. 

Some ways I shop on a budget are:
-clearance, especially end of season for the next year
- buy second hand- (I find new things at thrift stores all the time)
- back to school sales for jeans
- refashion unused clothing you already have

I kinda have this rule in my head that I won't spend much more than $10 for an outfit. Sometimes I get worried when I go to a few stores and I don't find anything I like in that price range, but if I keep looking, it always works out. Of course the exception to that is boys jeans. It's really hard to find boys jeans second hand. That is when you have to take advantage of back to school sales and stock up.  

One of my favorite traditions is to do a little fashion show with the kids when we are done shopping. We've done it for the last few years. It's a fun way to show dad the new stuff and get the kids excited for school to start. 

Here are a few of our thrifty finds this year:
1. Arizona shirt- thirfted, $4; Levi's Jeans- thrifted, $8; total- $12
2. long sleeve T- thirfted with original tags, $2.60; jeans- The children's place, $12: total- $14.60
3. J. Crew polo- thirfted, $3; jeans- The children's place $12; total-$15.00
DC shoes, $10
1. dress- thrifted, $2; jean jacket- thrifted, $2.50; total- $4.50
2. sweater- thifted, $4; leggins- walmart, $5; total- $9.00
3. shirt- walmart, $5; turquoise corduroy pants- Osh-Kosh clearance, $6; total-$11.00 

1. shirt- Walmart, $3.88; skinny jeans - thrifted, $6.50; total- $10.38
2. dress- Walmart, $6; leggins- Walmart, $3.88; total- $9.88
3. shirt and pants combo- costco $7.99

One of my favorite buys were these hightop sneakers. I got them at a thrift store for $5. 

We got loads more stuff to integrate with their current wardrobe and I'm hoping to do a few more refashions for the girls this week. You can't beat free clothing.

Here are the links to the refashions I did last year, for those that missed them:

For more ideas on sewing for school age girls check out Dress Your School Girl starting next week on The Train to Crazy. I'll be guest posting on Monday.


What do you do to save money this time of year?


Erin said...

awesome finds!

my kids go to a uniform school which I love because there is no "I can't find anything to wear" drama (this was so ME in school) but it is much harder to find deals when what they are required to wear is so specific. Also when I see your cute kids in their cute school clothes it makes me a little sad that my kids will be wearing boring khakis and blue polos. :)

Angie Holden said...

Love it girl!! I am a thrifty gal too so I can totally relate!!

Tiffany said...

I can't believe your luck and pricing! The outfits are great, in season and cute (well cool for your son).

Tami said...

So cute. I love the hair on Lydia.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh cute kids.

Andrea from The Train To Crazy said...

Great outfits! Nice finds. This makes me wish my kids didn't have school uniforms! I can't thrift those =(

Emily said...

Great finds! I love finding adorable clothes for cheap(!) and having the option to create new clothes from old clothes. I had a friend once tell me that I get good deals and the reason is b/c I rarely buy anything for full price. :)

AmanDa said...

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. There is a similar little series on a blog I love but won't mention because there is no way on earth I would pay $26.50 for a t-shirt even if I COULD afford it.

Delia said...

Your kids make such cute models. Love the outfits you put together.

I agree that those green shoes are awesome.

The only thing I would add is that Old Navy has their jeans on sale right now for $10 and they do have adjustable waist like the Children's Place ones - make or break feature for me. :)

Elaine said...

This is just adorable!


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