Monday, August 1, 2011

so sorry

sorry, I have nothing crafty to show you today. I've been far to busy playing this summer. I mentioned that my sister was staying with me this summer, but I don't think I mentioned that she has four kids. 
Our life with eight kids has been crazy but so fun. Our kids are really close. My sister usually comes to stay with us twice a year, and usually for several weeks. They will be leaving this week and days of tears and depression will follow. 

Here's what we've been up to:
Lots of hours at the pool. We are so lucky to have a community pool two doors down from us. A day doesn't go by that we don't spend at least an hour at the pool. 

Camping. We had to cut our trip short when my youngest stepped on some hot coals from the night before. We had to run her to the ER. She's a brave one and has handled the accident better than I did. 

We always spend as much time at the Lake as we can. It's our second home during the summer. In fact, we lived there for a couple summers, a few years back, while my husband worked on his masters at a neighboring college. My favorite week of the whole year is a week we spend there with family. 
I especially enjoyed playing several rounds of croquette with the amazing set my dad made for Christmas.  

I'm hoping to get back to reality this week and post a tutorial for the maxi dress. thanks for being patient with me.


clare suzanne said...

Quite jealous of all your summer activities!! Much more than what I have been able to squeeze in! Enjoy the rest of your family time!

shirley said...

Looks like lots of summer fun. And the lake that you spend time at looks a lot like the lake in northern UT that we spent all our summers at when I was a child. My dad still lives there, but unfortunately, we live in MN now (land of 10,000 lakes so I can't complain) and do not get back often enough. Your pictures bring back memories. You are making wonderful memories you children will cherish!

Unknown said...

Reading the sentence, "I've been far to busy playing this summer." completely made my day. How wonderful to be so busy playing! I love this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ruth said...

one must never apologize for joy!!!

Marcia said...

I love those kids.


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