Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY giant paper flowers

I was asked to make a display table that represented faith at our stakes New Beginnings this week. 

I knew I wanted to do giant white flowers. Not only did they fit my theme perfectly, they also added a lot of drama.

I wasn't able to find any tutorials online that fit the shape and size I wanted so I thought I would share what I figured out in the process. 

They are super easy to make and only take a few minutes. You can make them Giant or small and with supplies you already have at home. I used plain old printer paper as well as some butcher paper from my husbands school. Even with just 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper you can still get a 24" flower. 

For this flower I used:
 6 sheets of 8-1/2x11 paper
hot glue

I cut four sheets of paper in half, one into 4th's and one into 8th's. 

 Then I cut the tops into a petal shape. Various shapes on top will add dimension. Next I cut a slit up the middle of the bottom. It was about 3" or so. 

Next I placed a blob of glue on one side of the slit.  

 Then I folded the one side of the slit onto the top of the other side. You want to create a cone shape with the glue holding it in place. 

 You can fold it over a little for a shallow bump or a lot for a deeper bump. You'll want to vary how deep of a cone you get with each layer. The outside petals will need a shallow bump and the inside need a deeper bump. 

 Once you've made all your petals for each layer, start glueing them together. I like to start with the largest petals and move in. For this flower I started with two petals and then added petals around it. 

I placed the glue on the top side of the bottom end of the petal and then stuck it under the existing petals.  

Once I had my outside petals done I glued the four middle ones together and placed them on the inside.  

 Then I did three of the smallest. I cut down two of the smaller petals and added them to the very center. 

Hope that makes sense cause they really are super easy and so fun. You could do any color and any size depending on what paper you have available. I think they'd be great for a wedding or big party. 

If you are interested the chalk boards, I got a giant board (2'x4') at Home Depot for $10 and had it cut down (for free) to fit my frame. Thanks to Cheri for the tip on chalk boards. I was then able to use the left over pieces for the other projects. 
The chalk board worked perfectly with my Chalk Markers. I see a lot more Chalk Art in my future.


Charity said...

Those are gorgeous! I haven't seen many flowers made from just plain paper. The first one you showed looks like a lily-pad blossom. =)

Saville Family said...

Love it! Pinning the flower for inspiration and the Faith quote. Beautiful!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful!! I'm sure it was able to draw attention to your table. Thanks for sharing.♥♫

Tami said...

Looks fabulous. As always.

Unknown said...

Flowers are very elegant. Loving those chalk markers, where can I buy them?

Unknown said...

Kalleen! I was so happy to see this post! I've been out of touch but often refer to your wonderful past projects for inspiration. You have always been one of my faves! This Faith display is soooo gorgeous, and so is your baby for that matter. I don't know if I ever told you congratulations (bad commenter). It's good to see you are still up to your creative awesomeness!

Aurelas said...

These flowers are so gorgeous! I love that they don't require anything expensive or hard to find, but turn out looking exotic and chic.


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