Tuesday, February 26, 2013

double-sided adhesive sheets, glitter and a shamrock

When the nice guys at silhouette asked if I wanted to try their new double-sided adhesive sheets, I jumped at the chance. 

My girls love glitter. In fact when I pulled out the glitter to test it out, they all went crazy and started grabbing paper and glue before I could stop them. We're looking forward to some fun projects in the future like sparkly easter eggs or halloween signs. I didn't have any of the super fine glitter, but what we had worked fine for now. 

We decided to make a little sign for St Paddy's. 
We started with a clover, sticking it right to a little canvas mat we had. 

We covered it with green, then added {LUCKY} to the corner. Honestly, the sheets were a little harder to handle than I anticipated. I was in a hurry and with these you want to take your time. Once they touch a surface, they can't be moved. So, my C may or may not look a little like a G.

Despite that I am still a big fan. You would never be able to accomplish the same look with glue. I absolutely love the way it sparkles when I walk past. 

I placed it next to our Pot O' Gold.

subway art from HERE
lucky banner found HERE

And since I am way behind on my Thank-you's for all help and gifts for the baby and made a few cards too.

A few recommendations, take your time, don't use this when you are in a hurry. Use fine glitter, it will fill in better. Also, I would cut with a little longer blade length then recommended.
Thanks Silhouette for another great product. 



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