Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Wreath Redo

I did a redo to my old wreath. I made it about five years ago and have been wanting to do something new for years but didn't want to spend the money on new foliage.

Last week I found these great crepe paper leaves from the Dollar Store. When I saw them I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them. They had three colors so I bought one of each color. They have wires running through the paper so they are perfect for wreath making.

First thing I did was lay out some pieces of paper and traced my wreath so I knew the size.

Then I layed my leaves out on the paper drawing, so I knew how to evenly space the leaves that I had.

After placing a few leaves I could place the wreath down to see if I was placing my leaves at the right distance.

After placing all my leaves I bent the wire to fluff them and make them more life like.
And that's it, super easy. It took me about 20 minutes start to finish and only cost $3.

I hung the wreath using The Nesters tips here.


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