Friday, October 23, 2009

Hairy Spider Cakes

We make spider cakes every Halloween. This year I thought I would try making them cupcake size. I think they turned out pretty cute. I made little cake pedestals for each of them and we delivered them to friends.
What you need:
-12 regular cupcakes baked without paper cups
-12 mini cupcakes baked without paper cups
-chocolate frosting or any frosting tinted brown, grey or black
-a ziplock bag to pipe frosting
-black pipe cleaners
-mini gum drops (8 for each spider)

First: you take a one cupcake and one mini cake and place them by each other
Then you do a base coat with the frosting
Next you fill a ziplock bag with frosting, cut a corner and pipe frosting up and down around cupcakes. You can't mess this up. They look great messy.
Lastly cut pipe cleaners in thirds and stick a gum drop on the end. Bend the cleaners in half and stick the other end into the cupcake. Add two M&M's for the eyes.
Super easy!

For the cake pedestal, you need:
Plastic bread plate
paper cup
Halloween paper
glue gun

I just glued a strip of paper around the edge and then glued the bottom the cup to bottom of plate. A fun way to deliver a treat.

My kids even loved helping!


Tami said...

How do you have time to do all this?

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Your blog is simply amazing! I found your link through A Soft Place to Land last week and have been addicted to your site ever since. Hard to believe that so many different and absolutely wonderful blogs link up in one place every week.

I have so much to learn. :)

-Francesca said...

yum! love them, I haven't the patience to do them, but wish I did!

happy DIY day


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Those are so fun! I especially love the way you made that pedestal

Unknown said...

Wow! my sons - LOVE spiders! what a GREAT idea!! (hopping by from Hoosier Homemades friday favorites) Thanks for all the step by step pictures! :)


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