Monday, December 14, 2009

Easy Gingerbread Houses

I made forty little graham cracker houses to be decorated at a party last week. They are really easy to make. Each house needs four cracker sheet and royal icing.

For the front and back pieces, saw an X across the top half of the cracker. (sorry it's kinda hard to see in the picture.
Next saw the other two crackers in half.
Assemble the house by running royal icing down the sides of the front and back pieces and attach to sides. Then run more icing down the roof lines and attach roof pieces. Then let it dry before moving and decorating.
*the front and back pieces need to be inside of the side pieces so that the width of the house is the same width as the roof. See top picture.
My favorite Royal Icing Recipe:
3 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 pound powdered sugar.

Mix in mixer until peaks form. Cover with wet cloth, it dries very quickly.
*I used a zip lock baggie with a hole cut in the corner to build and decorate.
*I used 3 batches of the recipe to build and decorate 40 houses.

Once they are built decorate with candy. I got most of mine at the dollar store.


Momma B said...

If you could only see what happened to our "box" gingerbread sad! One of the roof pieces was broken, when we opened it up and it all went down hill from there!

These houses are adorable!

Angie Holden said...

Great job!! I did something similar with the kids this past weekend and we had a blast!! All of the fun and none of the baking of gingerbread! This one is the greatest!

grammy said...

I love that idea. My 6 grandkids helped me decorate a big store bought one ... but this would be something they could all take home (o:

Marcia said...

we've done this from time to time. Maybe this year. But maybe not. I'm feeling pretty lazy.

Tami said...

Carol ate hers on the airplane ride home.

Deanna said...

I use a glue gun. I take a washed and throughly dried little milk carton- the school will let you have for free!- and staple teh top shut. I glue gun it to a small paper plate. Then I glue gun the graham crackers to the sides and "roof". And set it aside to dry.

Usually I use a sharpie to write the kid's name on the plate and it is even sturdy enough for a bus ride home!!


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