Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentines Attire

I've had yards of this red and pink plaid material for years. I think I bought it when I was pregnant with my first girl. I've used it for various projects over the years like these the Halloween Costumes HERE. I thought I would finally use it all up on matching outfits for these three ladies. I know I'm lame but I love matching outfits.
I love the yo-yo button shirts. They remind me of wrapped chocolates in paper cups.
I love how quick and easy the skirt was to make. A good project for a wanna-be sewer like me.
Skirt How To:
These are the measurements I used for my middle girl. She's 2 1/2. You can make the pieces shorter or longer for your size.

First I cut three strips of fabric.
1. 10 in x 44 in. (or 12 x 22 if folded in half)
2. 4 in x 10 in.
3. 4 in x 13 in
(Basically the width of the skirt need to be twice the length of the waistband to have a full gather.)
Next I cut a piece of elastic to 10 in long. (she is just under 20 in around)

I sewed the elastic to the 4 x 13 strip of fabric. I did this by first sewing the sides together.
Then I serged across the top. I'm pretty sure you could use a zig zag
Next I sewed the right sides of the two 4 in strips together.

I folded over the waistband an inch and pinned it (the elastic was hidden inside). Pulling on the elastic , I sewed a 1 in. hem around the top of the waistband.
Now that the waistband is complete the skirt is easy. I sewed the two ends of the 10 x 44 piece together. Hemmed one side and gathered the other. I gathered mine using my serger, but there are lots of great tutorials out there of how to do it with a sewing machine.
I pinned the right sides of the gathered top of the skirt and the bottom of the waistband together. I sewed a 1/4 in. seam around and finished it off with my serger (a zig-zag stitch can works fine too).
That's it.

I made the shirts by sewing yo-yo's and buttons to clearance t-shirts. HERE is a great tutorial for yo-yo's.

This little one slobbers and spits too much. So, she got a yo-yo on her head instead of her shirt.
Let me know what I left out.

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Charity said...

I am lame right along with you, because I love matching outfits. At 10 Big Sister is just starting to give me grief about it so I am giving in to cordinating instead, it's a sad day.. I love these outfits the yo yo buttons are just the perfect finishing touch. I think you did a great job on explaining, I never can figure out how to explain, so I have given up. I am a hands on learner so I guess I am a hands on teacher too. I am glad I am not the only person with a fabric stash. Have a great day.

Cha Cha

Crystal said...

So adorable! My girls wore their matching skirts today.

Almost Always said...

these are darling! i am crazy about matchy-matchy too!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

this is so stinkin' cute!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Just adorable! I love that you added the yo-yos to the tops

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Kalleen, Your best creations are the sweet little darlings in your handiwork! Both are beautiful!
What an adorable post.

Jennifer said...

Soooo super cute! I love matching outfits on little ones too!

So Sunny Day said...

I love the matching outfits!!! lame... NEVER! just plain adorable:) I am thinking that the skirt portion idea would make a cute Adult apron. hmmmm.... maybe a trip to the craft store is in order!

thanks for sharing!
~ Emily N. from "too Blessed 2Stress"

Expressions by Heather said...

I used to have that same fabric!

I love these matching outfits! If my girls were younger, I'd totally do this, but my 13 year old would throttle me if I even suggested an outfit to match her 8 year old sister. ;)

Please feel free to add these to Talented Tuesdays at My Frugal Family!

Brooke said...

so adorable. I think I'm going to give this a try. My daughter loves skirts

Angie - said...

So pretty!

Come share your skirt tutorial at my party: Thursday's Treasures!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Darling! My daughter would look so cute in an outfit like that! I am featuring this at Grab MY "featured" button.

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

This is one of the sweetest things! So cute!

Lori said...

How beautiful! your kids look so pretty in their outfits.. you did a great job!

Thanks for joining my party Get your craft on Thurs. I hope you join me next week. Mr. Linky disappeared for a while tonight I thought I lost all of my guest, but it finally came back. I will not be using Mr. Linky anymore!

Erin said...

Just found your site through - I too love the matchy-matchy of things!! This summer I made the six kids who were at the beach (3 boys, 3 girls) matching PJ bottoms - so much fun! I love the yo-yo shirt - definitely going to have the make this to match a skirt I've already made for my little girl!

Erin said...

so cute!!! and your girls are adorable!

Its So Very Cheri said...

What cutie puh-tooties--they are so adorable. This will be on my favs.

I have a fun give-a-way starting tonight


Beta said...

Thanks for this beautiful idea! I have thought about sharing it with my readers and I hope you are not sorry if I have inserted her in my post of S. Valentine ( If you had to not make you like I will handle to remove the link to your blog. Regards, Beta

Andrea @ said...

So cute!! I love matching sister outfits! You might be interested in my new weekly Thursday linkup called Make it, Wear it. Stop on by to link up and take a look at what others have made!

SarahB said...

How did I never think to do the skirt elastic like that?! So much easier than threading the elastic through the casing!

Jo said...

Thanks for the tutorial! As soon as I read it, I had to go make one for my daughter out of an old sundress of mine. I had to line the skirt though, because the fabric was really flimsy. I just used the lining from the dress, and sewed it to the skirt before gathering it.

KB said...

wow, this makes me want to learn to sew!

Caroline said...

Oh my I love these skirts!

dining table said...

The whole outfit is so adorable! I like it. You did a great job on this one.

Kelli said...

LOVE this simple idea for a skirt. I mentor a 10 year old girl for sewing experience and we will make this soon.

One question: at the cutting stage you said:

First I cut three strips of fabric.
1. 10 in x 44 in. (or 12 x 22 if folded in half)

Why the difference in widths? 10 vs. 12? Would't it be one or the other, no matter whether it was folded in half or not? This confuses me. Can you explain?

Thanks again.

Lovejoy Inspirations said...

so is the part with the elastic stretchy? I'm trying to figure out how you did it...however I am doing an adult size skirt... but still... it doesn't seem to be stretchy...i haven't yet sewed just trying to put it together around me to see how it will be. I'm at your elasitc picture with the top part.

Jonie said...

Thanks for the awesome tutorial I featured it on My Top 5 Girl's Skirt Round-up.


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