Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handmade Gifts -part 9- a croquet set

This next gift came from my dad. We like to play games in our family (the Kidd family), and we especially like playing lawn games when the weather is good.  Croquet is one of our favorites.  We play it after Sunday dinners and during our summer vacations at the lake. If fact, croquet is one of the main events in our summer family olympics every year. 
Did you recognize what he used for the shafts on the mallets?  He took those balusters from my garage when he finished the tree house. He said he had plans for them, I never thought of this. 

I love how they were personalized by burning our name into the mallets. The face of the mallet is covered in Polyurethane, the same hard plastic the balls are made of. We have been through a lot of croquet sets over the years.  It's been hard to find a set that doesn't fall apart.  When the face is made of wood, it cracks. When it's made of soft plastic, it cracks. This should solve that problem. 

My dad could have called it good with the new mallets, but he took it to a another level by making metal wickets to match our personalities. Yes, these are made of metal and painted. He did a great job. 

a sewer

go Aggies!

We all laughed at how much detail he put into his fish. 

We all can't wait for warmer weather. We especially like playing on unlevel ground with lots of obstacles. I see some good games ahead. 


Michelle said...

Wow, I have been so inspired by your homemade gift posts! You are truly blessed to be part of such a unique family who understands the true meaning of Christmas. I am so impressed by the love your family appears to have of each other.
Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those are so cute and such hard work and detail put into them. We used to always play croquet in our family, too.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

those are fantastic! i love the different personalities he painted-how talented!

Lulu said...

This is so amazing! I wish wish wish I could get my family on board with a homemade christmas, how cool!!! :)

Delia said...

This are awesome! Your dad is awesome. :) My husband is an Aggie AND my husband is a fish biologist so the fisherman in waders holding a cutthroat trout {I think...my husband would know for sure} is right up our/his alley.

Momma Button said...

So much fun!! I love the U of U one!! Enjoy.

Brandy said...

Amazing! So much love put into that set, he did a beautiful job! I am loving all of your handmade ideas that you have shared. I hope you are still thinking of doing a linky party as well!

banananutmeg said...

I don't even know you, but I heart your family!

Hayley said...

Wow. Your Dad is awesome! Unbelievable!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Amazing the talented family and how everyone gets into it. I loved the crochet set, ingenious.


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