Tuesday, October 25, 2011

spider web headband

Times have changed and many kids aren't allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween anymore.  It breaks my heart, parading around the school and showing off my costume was one of my favorite traditions.

I thought it would be fun to make some Halloween headbands for my girls, so they could still be festive without their costumes. 

I had all my supplies on hand and they literally took minutes to make.

Since I won't be dressing up either, I made me one too.

It's a lot bigger and a lot more dramatic. 

To make it: I cut a 3" and 5" circle out of felt with my GO! Baby Fabric Cutter  and drew web lines onto the big circle with chalk. I used two 3" circles for my daughters.

Next, I went over my lines with a double stitch in black thread. you could use a regular stitch or ever embroider it instead.  I added a spider, cut from a ring, with hot glue. 

I glued the smaller circle onto the headband, and covered it with glue. 

 Lastly, press onto the bottom of larger circle.

 I think it's a great solution for mom's who don't want to dress up, but still be festive for the kids. 

P.S. come back tomorrow. I'll be having a giveaway for a tool that could help you make your own.


Erin said...

super cute! i hope i can make time to make one of these before Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love this idea!

Homemade Heather said...

Ours can't wear costumes either ~ so sad! I'm sending her in her unicorn hoodie and headband on Friday :P

chris said...

What a fabulous idea. I may have to make one for myself for my room mother duties on Monday. One thing I love about our small town...costumes and homemade treats are still welcome. :)

Blissful & Domestic said...

love this! What a great idea!

Susan@Success/Fail DIY Projects said...

Love the idea of being festive for the kids. That's a cute small way to do it! I never want to get too crazy with myself since I spend so much time on them for Halloween, getting ready, etc.

Ashlee Marie said...

love love LOVE!!!! I totally pinned this for next year!


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