Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Star Wars room completed

We finally finished the room. We would have had it done on schedule but ran into so problems with our new furniture, and had to make an extra trip to Ikea.

 If you follow my blog, this post won't be that exciting, because you've already seen all the elements of the room.  But, I still wanted to show the finished product with the painted walls. I found it to be incredibly difficult to get any decent pictures. I had low light, lots of glare from the windows and even while standing the corners I couldn't get the views I wanted. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for shooting a small room?

I started a gallery wall above his dresser with most of the artwork. I hope to add more to it over time. 

Go HERE for more info about the artwork.

I was worried the blue walls were too dark at first. Now, I love it, especially how they make all the wood stand out.  We finally got him a real book case from Ikea. I'm hoping he'll store all his junk here so no one will see from the hallway. 

I used some of his star wars toys around the room, which he loves.

We have this mask that is meant to be a costume, but I decided it looks better on the bed as decor. 

For more info about the bedding go HERE.

We all LOVE the room.  I wish you could see it the way we do. 


Unknown said...

My 5 year old just informed me yesterday that he NEEDS to have a Star Wars room. I spent all of last year making him a Knight themed room and now, apparently, it is not cool enough. This room is fabulous!

idesign said...

this turned out great! :)


Kaelin said...

I love the way this turned out! It looks so cool, but will e really flexible in the years to come.

For photographing small rooms, I found a little trick that seems to work for most pictures.

You stand at the door(on a stepstool if necessary), and angle yourself to the corner farthest from you. The idea is to physically create more distance from the camera to the farthest point.

Then point the camera to where the floor meets the wall, looking through the viewfinder or at the screen. Then come up along that corner until you have the maximum amount of the room in the shot. If the glare from the window is a problem, taping wax or parchment paper to the window helps immensely. Also, turning off the overhead light and setting the camera to "overcast" if possible helps too.

Hope this helps! I've spent several years learning to be creative with a camera. ;)


Kaelin Design


chris said...

It came together so well! What a fabulous place to grow up in. When we finish my son's room in the future basement, I know he'll want to see this! Great job, mama.

Rachel said...

That is the coolest room, and your son is one lucky dude!

fillingtheblankpages said...

if you have a wide angle lens... something like a 10-20 mm. that would be the best for shooting a small room, then a ladder in the corner and shoot down from that. Also depending where the door is you can also stand in the door frame.

LLK said...

Such a great room! My son wants a Star Wars room too, thank you for the inspiration.
I love the bedspreads. Could you give me more info about what fabric you used?


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