Thursday, May 3, 2012

custom invitations

We're getting ready for my daughters 8th birthday in a couple weeks and thought I'd share the custom invitation I made for her. I was inspired by THIS invitation and loved how ours turned out. 
As cute as the inspiration was I decided to go the DIY route not only to save money but now I can do matching menus, place cards, etc. 
I made the invitations in Silhouette Studio. Yes, it is the software I use with my Silhouette machine, but anyone can download it for free HERE.  I love this program. It's so easy to use, I basically taught myself by pushing all the buttons until I understood what I was doing. All the fonts on you computer will automatically be transferred to the program and any additional images you want can be downloaded for 99¢ a piece. I downloaded the background, flowers, and tea cups for this project, spending a total of $4. 
Another great tip if you want to print at home, is to print in the photo paper setting. It will give you a crisper and brighter image. 

I've had so much fun searching with my daughter for the perfect tea cups and accessories. Hopefully it will all come out as planned. 


Unknown said...

These look great! I spent hours trying to make my daughters recent invitations in the silhouette program. I tallied up my time and the cheap DIY's with free silhouette downloads ended up costing me around $115 each to make! But I learned a lot in the process. Like checking the print all lines box. That one threw me for a loop!

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely! One of my favorite memories as a little girl is the tea party my mother threw for my sister and I. I hope it turned out well!

blue roses said...

too precious!

i cannot wait until my niece is old enough to have tea parties with me. hope it goes well! (i was a rambunctious eight year old, well, starting to mellow out, so breakable tea cups was not an option....)

Simple Simon and Company said...


Karry said...

Thanks for all the supper cute ideas on your fascinator. My daughter..soon to be 8 as well was overlooking and loved them. We have looked all over for something like the butterflies you used with no luck. Was it a chain store that you bought them at by chance?


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