Friday, April 19, 2013

Library Reading Nook {a HGTV Home Fabric review}

When I was asked to review the new line of HGTV Home Fabrics from JoAnn's, I couldn't say yes fast enough. As soon as I saw the fun bold print they sent me, I knew what I was going to do with it. 
It's a project I've had on my bucket list for years, and was thrilled to finally get it done. 

I have a real library in my house. It is charming but TINY. Like seven feet by seven feet, you probably have a closet bigger than my library, tiny.

Despite being tiny, it has a 10ft ceiling with shelves running the whole way up. It may be full of old books, that no one wants to read, but it's still one of my favorite things about my house. 

Sandwiched between to bookcases on one of the walls is a bench, that has been begging for a cushion and some pillows. 

So I conquered my fear of pipping and zippers and finally gave this space the justice it deserves. 
This fabric turned out to be perfect for the space for two big reasons. One, it's super durable. I'm pretty sure it can handle all five of my kids. Second, It combines the neutral colors I have in the rest of my house with a fun pop of color, so the kids are drawn to it. 

In fact the kids can't get enough of it.  

Once I put in the cushion and pillows I knew we needed something on the wall. Since a frame would be in the way, I went with vinyl and this fun saying. I don't think kids can hear their loved enough. 

A big thanks to HGTV and JoAnn's for helping me get this done. You have to check out all the gorgeous prints and patterns they released.

Right now through May 4th, all HGTV fabrics are 50% off AND you can also use the following coupon with your purchase, for extra savings.


Tami Michel said...

That is such a fantastic use of your space! I love it!

Unknown said...

What a great reading nook!

Tami said...

I love your reading nook. You did a great job using those fabrics.

Unknown said...

Your reading nook is dreamy! And I too have a fear of zippers and piping! I think if I conquered my fears, I would be tempted to make pillows 24/7! Yours turned out beautiful!


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