Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer PJ's {Kids Clothes Week}

If you sew for your kids, you probably already know this week is Kids Clothes Week. It's a challenge to spend at least an hour a day on sewing for your kids before the next season. It's such a great motivator to get things done, especially when you follow what everyone else is making. I wish I had time to make some amazing outfits, but for now, I'm thrilled to just get summer PJ's done.

Pretty soon my girls aren't going to be able to wear their long flannel pj's anymore. Summer nights can be brutal in our old, tall house, even with central air. They would be good with a giant, old t-shirt, but I like to have at least one cute pair of pj's for them.

As usual they were matching. I made all the pants, repurposed one of my old T's for Lydia and simply embellished the tanks for the other two. I know my limits.

They waited patiently all week to finally wear them to bed.

In addition to the pj's I also refashion some shorts for Jefferson and a skirt for Clair. Sorry no pictures. If you want to see what other mom's are making you can check out the blog HERE, or the flicker group HERE or search the hashtag #kidsclothesweek.


Joseph said...

cute pjs. Your girls look like they really love them.

Melanie Chambers said...

I about fainted when I read your comment on my blog because you even mentioned the tiniest possiblity of coming out here. You probably would just want to go to Nauvoo and we could meet you there!!! I hope you and your cute family are doing well. I can't wait to reconnect in a year and catch up in person when we move back closer.

Zoƫ said...

Cute! I love the little bows :)
The last thing I made for kids was some pjs for a newborn, sewing for kids is so simple, I wish I could do more of it.

Unknown said...

Very cute idea!!

claudiamx said...

espero que puedas traducir esto! desde hace mucho tiempo te sigo y me encanta toodo lo que haces! me gustaria tener el tiempo y la creatividad que tienes, todos tus hijos son hermosos, felicidades saludos desde chiapas mexico


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